Our Work Culture

Our Work Culture

The RK Group believes that a strong corporate culture is critical to a company’s success. Our culture encourages extreme candour, rapid iterations, collaboration, and a flat organizational structure. 

Be the CEO

RK Group believes that everyone has the ability to influence and change the world. We encourage our team members to take care of their work and not be distracted by the trappings of the business. As a result, individuals (not only leaders) have the ability to have a significant impact on our company and consumers.

It’s preferable to get something done than to get it perfect.

 We are a data-driven and experimental corporation. As a result, we feel that shipping frequently and quickly is preferable to failing slowly in the long run.

Team and not individual

We believe in the strength of working together. A superstar team is far more essential to us than a single superstar.

Accountability with empathy

We believe that everyone can shine in the appropriate setting, and we work hard to assist our team members find that atmosphere. Value our Employees is our idea of radical candour.

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