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Bistos BT-150 Dual Breast Pump with (Nursing Light, Bluetooth, Rechargeable)

BT-150 Descriptions:

Bistos BT-150 Dual Breast Pump with (Nursing Light, Bluetooth, Rechargeable Part)

The breast pump electronically runs the vacuum pump and applies the vacuum pressure generated at that moment to the mother’s breast in order to express the breast milk from the breasts to the outside, in the same way that the infant sucking the mother’s milk does.


Bistos BT-150 Dual Breast Pump with (Nursing Light, Bluetooth, Rechargeable Part)

Bistos BT-150 Dual Breast Pump Performance:

The BT-150 is an electric breast pump designed for use in the home, with massage and expression modes as well as single and double pumping capabilities.

The Bistos Electric Breast Pump provides comfort, convenience, portability, efficiency, and hygiene to the mother.

Bistos BT-150 Dual Breast Pump Features:

  • Customized expression sequence in memory
  • 16 stages of vacuum control
  • Preventing back flow
  • 3 modes of operation (express, Massage, Memory)
  • Night-time nursing lamp
  • Bluetooth app for mobile
  • Operating in Silence
  • Display of the current operating time
  • Design that is both practical and elegant.


Nursing Night Lamp: When you turn on the ‘Nursing Night Lamp,’ it provides a cozy ambiance and eliminates the need for another light.

Program: Using the program function, create your own relaxing pattern. You can create up to 8 Program IDs and 8 Program Sequences, each with its own ID.

Mobile Application:

  • Using a smartphone application, you may manage and control your business.
  • Speech recognition
  • Android and iPhone are both supported.
  • Creating a schedule
  • Expression, massaging mode, and the level of the nursing night lamp may all be controlled.

Bistos BT-150 Dual Breast Pump Technical Specification:

  • Funnel & Bottle set: 1 set
  • Vacuum Level: -20 to -290 mmHg
  • Vacuum Control: 16 Step
  • Expression Cycle: 35 to 60 Cycle/Min (Expression)
  • Massage Cycle: 70 to 90 Cycle/Min(Massage)
  • Cycle Control: 6 Step (Expression) / 3 Step (Massage)
  • Battery Type (Capacity): 7.4 V Li-ion (2200 mA)
  • Battery Run Time: 120 Min
  • Battery Charging Time: 150 Min
  • Funnel Size: 24 mm (Option: 21/27/32 mm)
  • Display: 60 mm diameter Mono LCD
  • Mode: Expression, Massage, Memory (BT-100)/ Program(BT-150)
  • Optional Accessories: Carrying Bag, Car Charging Cable, Funnel & Bottle set for double expression
  • *BT-150: Nursing Night Lamp, Wireless Mobile App
  • Dimension (HxWxD):  190×190×79
  • Pumping System: Closed System (Backflow Prevention)
  • Auto Shut off: 30 Min
  • Materials: BPA Free / Latex Free

Additional information

Weight2.46 kg
Dimensions30 × 38 × 23 cm

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