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A clear plastic mask that covers all or part of the face and is worn to guard against damage (such as from a collision, severe temperature, or a dangerous substance) or to prevent the transmission of transmissible disease.


Face Shield

Face Shield Descriptions:

It’s a sort of personal protective equipment (PPE) meant to keep the wearer safe from risks that could harm their faces. A face shield may protect its wearer from a physical hazard, energy or radiation, chemical splashes, or biological hazards, depending on the type utilised.

A standard shield/guard consists of a headband that secures the shield to the wearer’s head and a flat or curved barrier (the shield) that keeps threats at bay. In many cases, a hinge connects the shield to the headband, allowing the wearer to lift the shield away from their face without having to remove it from their head.

General information about face shield:

  • A face shield/guard is a hard, clear piece of plastic that is affixed to a headband.
  • Face shields come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including disposable and reusable options, but they all provide a clear plastic barrier that protects the face.
  • Some shields are more scratch-resistant than others, and some materials are stiffer than others, extending the shield’s overall life.
  • A plastic shield’s optical clarity is crucial.
  • If at all possible, keep your face protection to yourself.
  • Usage in general Face shields/guards are not intended to be used in place of a face covering, but rather to be worn in conjunction with one.
  • Face shields protect the entire face and are nearly impossible to put on incorrectly.
  • They can be used over and over again.
  • Are simple to clean
  • After each use, face shields must be cleaned at least once a day.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Guide for Face Shields:

  • All it takes is a simple alcohol wipe or a soapy rinse with hot water to get the shields clean again.
  • Submerge the face shield in warm water to remove particle debris and prevent scratching the surface.
  • To relieve surface tension, use a moderate liquid dish detergent like Dawn and allow the soapy water to diffuse evenly throughout the surface.
  • The shield can be carefully cleaned with a gentle cloth or sponge.
  • Clean the shield with clean water and a soft cotton towel or microfiber cloth.
  • Remember that washing our hands with soap and water kills microorganisms.
  • Although a surface disinfection wipe or spray may appear to be essential, these products can leave a visible residue that must be removed.
  • A 70% alcohol wipe will disinfect and clean plastic surfaces, however it’s important to wash the face shield first to remove any bioburden before cleaning.
  • Remember that face shields are constructed of many types of polymers, and that disinfecting them with alcohol or other disinfectants might cause them to become brittle or hazy over time. Your face shield’s usable life may be shortened as a result of this.
  • After cleaning, a 70 percent alcohol wipe can be used to wipe the headband.
  • Cleaning specialty: face shields should be done according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Why we use Face Shields:

Face shields and goggles are primarily used to protect the eyes of the person wearing it. Goggles do not cover the nose and mouth. Face shields are not as effective at protecting you or the people around you from respiratory droplets.

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