Stryker 1588 AIM Console

Stryker 1588 AIM Console with Camera Head & Clarity Console with 26″ LED Vision Display


MDK MED Cold Light Source KLS 5000

MDK MED Cold Light Source KLS 5000

MDK MED Full HD Medical Endoscope Camera System


MDK MED Full HD Medical Endoscope Camera System

Adopt medical industry display standards high color reduction, high resolution, clear contrast.

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MDK MED Full HD Medical Endoscope Camera System

Medical Monitor in 4K:

High colour reduction, high resolution, and clear contrast are among the display criteria used in the medical industry.

KED 5100 Camera System:

4K output resolution 38402160 amplifies mucous membranes of lesions, enables clinical observation of changes in their surface shape and end-of-life vascular mesh, and empowers physicians to perform difficult surgical treatments.

KLS 5000 Cold Light Source:

LED Long-lasting brilliant life, cost-effectiveness Compatibility is important. Interface with the beam guide (Universal interface) Color rendering is excellent. The surgical field of vision is very wide. Ensure that the colours are vibrant.


Waterproof camera with 8 settings efficiently solves intra-operative infiltration Low power consumption, heat dissipation is simple, the design is ergonomic, and it is light and comfortable.

Optical Adapter (Optical Adapter):

The focusing handwheel on the 20 to 35 mm fixed focus or zoom optical adapter can accurately focus the optical imaging system, resulting in a crisp and sharp output image to fulfil various clinical demands.


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