contec ts13 patient monitor

Contec TS13 Patient Monitor


Contec Multi Para Monitor CMS-5100 (3 Para monitor)

Contec CMS-5100 - RKMeditech

MDK Med KB-12 D Multi Para Patient Monitor


MDK Med KB12 D Multipara Patient Monitor – is importers of MDK Med KB12 D Multipara Patient Monitor Get the best pricing for MDK Med KB12 D Multipara Patient Monitor here.


MDK Med KB-12 D Summary:

The multi-parameter patient monitor comes with a lot of functions and may be used for neonates, children, and adults. On different Demands, several configurations might be used.

MDK Med KB12 D Multipara Patient Monitor Description:

15-inch LED display with optional touch screen and high brightness. Simple fasten on poles less than 30mm in diameter with lightweight and quick-hook construction. The ley operation has been Iconify, and the centralized menu makes it easier and faster to use.

One-key switch and indenting key menu save more display space.

Optional functions: IBP, EtCO2, NELLCOR, or MASIMO SPO2, SUNTECH NIBP, REC, Touch, HDMI, WIFI, Central Station Software, Scanning gun, Card reader and information input module etc.


MDK Med KB12 D Multipara Patient Monitor Feature:

  • One-button operation, interface switching, and convenient operation
  • Simple interaction, centralized alarm system, safer and more efficient
  • High brightness long-life LED display, optional touch screen
  • Lightweight and quick hook design
  • Simple fix on poles less than 30 mm in diameter
  • The design is waterproof and consumes less power.

MDK Med KB12 D Product Specification:

  • Screen Size – 15 inch
  • ECG – Standard three or five lead cable
  • HR – Adult 15-300 bpm, Pediatric 15-350 bpm
  • RESP – Range: Adult 2-120 BrPM Pediatric: 2-150 BrPM: Accuracy: +- 2 BrPM
  • TEMP – Range 0-50o Accuracy: ±0.1oC
  • PR – Range 20-300 bpm, Accuracy: ±3bpm
  • SPO2 – Range 0-100%, Accuracy: 70-100% ±2
  • NIBP – Operation Mode: Manual/Automatic/STAT Range 10-270 mmHg, Accuracy: ±5 mmHg
  • Interface – Ac Power Connector, USB, RJ45, HDMI Etc.

Standard Configuration – ECG Cable, ECG Electrode, NIBP Cuff, NIBP Tube, SpO2 probe, Temperature probe each one

Optional Features – IBP, EtCO2, NELLCOR or MASIMO SPO2, SUNTECH NIBP, REC, Touch, WIFI, Scanning Gun, Card Reader and Information Input Module Etc.


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